About Us

Keeping Perth Settlements Simple

Since 2006

Prime Settlements was opened in 2006 alongside law firm, Carlo Primerano & Associates. Our team of experienced conveyancers, clerks and support staff work closely together to settle properties all over Western Australia. We are the settlement and conveyancing division of a law firm, meaning we have the added benefit of being able to attend to any legal related queries quickly and accurately, while keeping fees reasonable. 

Why Choose Us

Knowledge & Experience 

With every settlement comes different circumstances and challenges. Our collective experience in facing these challenges means we are well equipped with the knowledge to know how to navigate through them with the best possible outcome. Our experience in the legal industry also comes in handy for more complicated settlements.   


Our file management software together with our procedures allows us to provide you with exceptional service.  This also means that costs are kept to a minimum and we’re able to pass this on to you through our competitive fixed settlement fees. See more about our tiered level of pricing here.

Friendly, Dedicated Team

You’ll have one of our team members in charge of your settlement, however another advantage of our efficient procedures is that anyone on our team can pick up your file to assist you if needed. Our office is a friendly environment where we work closely with each other in all areas.

Our Philosophy


Client Centred Focus

You are our priority and everything we do is to make the settlement process as simple and stress-free for you.


Clear Communication

We communicate pro-actively with you, your financier, real estate agent,  and all other parties involved to ensure settlement happens smoothly. 


Committed to Excellence

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and our high referral rate is a direct result of this.

Let’s Work Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn’t answered below? Call us on 9470 6267 or email settle@primesettlements.com.au.

What is a settlement?

A settlement is the process whereby a buyer has a property transferred and registered to their name as a result of a sale and payment to a vendor of property.

What does a settlement agent do?

A settlement agent acts for a buyer or seller (or both) to ensure all conditions of a Contract for Sale are met in order to transfer property from an owner to a buyer in exchange for the contracted sale price. We prepare the documents needed for settlement to take place and we coordinate settlement with all parties. We are also experienced in property transactions that involve related parties, deceased estates, marriage/de-facto separations and subdivisions. 

Can I meet with you?

We love meeting with our clients and if it suits you, we welcome you in our office any time during our office hours so that we can help you navigate the settlement documents with ease. 

What else does a settlement agent do?

We are also experienced in conveyancing transactions including property transfers between related parties, deceased estates, marriage/de-facto separations and subdivisions. Find out more about our Conveyancing services here. 

Where are you located?

Our offices are located at Suite 12, 443 Albany Highway, Victoria Park. Our central location is convenient for our clients with ample free parking and amenities nearby. Contact us on 9470 6267 if you need help finding us. Click here to find us on Google maps.

Do I need to attend your office?

We are required to verify the identity of our clients which can either be done at our office or at an Australia Post branch. If you’re unable to attend our office, we will communicate with you by phone, email or post (whichever you prefer) and we will make arrangements for the necessary signing of documents and verification of your identity.

Do you complete settlements electronically?

Where possible, settlements in Western Australia are required to be completed electronically through the PEXA system. We are PEXA trained and certified. Click here to find out more about the advantages of electronic settlements.

Why should I choose Prime Settlements?

We are an experienced, friendly team who love assisting clients with their property settlement and conveyancing needs and we provide an exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our fees are fixed and include many services necessary to the completion of settlement which some other settlement agents charge in addition to their settlement fee.

How do I appoint Prime Settlements to act for me?

Send us a copy of your Contract as soon as you can so that we can record the important dates and track the progress of any special conditions. You can also let the real estate agent who drafted the Contract know, so that they may send us the required documentation. We will then review the documents and contact you in relation to the settlement process.

How long does an electronic settlement take?

Once the buyer, seller, their respective banks and other parties are ready, a settlement time is scheduled on the contracted settlement date. When settlement begins, the transfer of the property and funds begins and usually takes between 15 – 45 minutes to be effected. Usually within 1 – 2 hours after settlement takes place, the title for the property is registered in the name of the new owner, and the funds due to the seller are cleared in their account.

What happens if settlement is delayed?

Most settlements take place as agreed in the contract, however some settlements are delayed due to a number of reasons. This could be due to issues with financing, the bank’s process, items in the contract that have not been attended to or items that arise from a structural report or timber pest inspection report. A buyer and seller have three business days from the agreed settlement date to settle in which no penalties apply. After the three business days, the party who is at fault may incur penalties which are calculated in accordance with the Joint Form of General Conditions.

What is the Joint Form of General Conditions?

The Joint Form of General Conditions for the Sale of Land is a set of conditions owned by REIWA and the Law Society of Western Australia. It is commonly known as the ‘Joint Form’ or ‘General Conditions’ and is a standard set of conditions that forms part of every Contract for Sale by Offer & Acceptance for property in Western Australia. The General Conditions deal with many issues that may arise in the course of a settlement as well as standard conditions such as payment of deposit, preparation of transfers, adjustment of rates, possession and encumbrances. You should receive a copy of the General Conditions when you enter into a Contract.