Conveyancing involves the changes to details on a Certificate of Title due to one of many reasons.

We can assist with all applications for Western Australian property including the following circumstances:

Transmission Application 

Documents to effect a transfer of property from a deceased person to their executor or administrator.

Transfer to Beneficiaries 

Transfer of property from a deceased estate to the beneficiaries in accordance with a Will or if they died without a Will, the Administration Act 1903 (WA).

Survivorship Application 

When a joint tenant dies, their interest is transmitted to the surviving joint tenant/s by way of Survivorship Application. 

Related Party Transfer

Transfer of property between family members or other related parties.

Separation / Divorce

We handle the transfer of property in accordance with Family Court Orders. For legal assistance with these matters, contact the legal division of our office, Carlo Primerano & Associates. 

Lost Titles

Applications for the issue of a new duplicate Certificate of Title to replace one that is lost. 


The legal division of our office can handle all types of Caveats to protect your interests.

Withdrawal of Caveat 

When the terms of a Caveat have been satisfied, a Withdrawal of Caveat may be required either as a standalone document or as part of a settlement. 


If you’re at the final stages of your subdivision where you need to apply for the issue of titles, we can assist. Learn More

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