Settlement Fees

How much does a settlement cost?

We believe that you should only pay for the work that applies to you. We provide fixed settlement fees that are relevant to your particular circumstance.

If you’re buying and you don’t require finance, we reduce our fees because we are not required to deal with a bank.

If you’re a seller and you have no mortgage on your title, we don’t charge as much as if you do have a mortgage that we have to arrange to be discharged.

Our fees are fixed settlement fees listed below include GST and all services listed below. 

If you have been quoted a price lower than ours, provide us with a copy of a genuine written quote and we may review and reduce our fee for you.



Statutory costs and other costs incurred by us on your behalf are charged in addition to our fixed price settlement fees. These fees should not differ depending on which settlement agent you choose to represent you. When you choose us to complete your settlement, you can be assured that there are no unexpected fees. We list all anticipated fees and disbursements in our Quotes. 

Receive 10% off the above fees if:


You are one of our valued existing clients.

You have been referred by one of our valued existing clients.

You appoint us for a sale and purchase at the same time.

You and the other party appoint us for the same transaction (we can act for both parties if you both agree to this).

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